Friday, March 13, 2009


Carson's Horse Auction

We attended the David Carson's Auction this past Saturday and acquired two TB's. One unraced gelding by Canyon Creek and a Grey OTTB Mare seen in the picture posted previously on the blog- Spring Feather sired by Wekiva Springs-

The mare is presently at my farm enjoying unlimited food and attention. (View her expressions of joy in video below)
Her teeth, feet and grocery requirements had been 'lacking'. She has been cleaned up and treated by our veterinarian and farrier. If you know of anyone that will be looking for a lovely grey TB mare, 10 years old, broke to ride, is very sweet and appears sound ---she will be available in the near future.

There were approximately 120 horses at Carson's well run auction. The stalls were very clean,had automatic waterers in them and a lovely supply of hay was available for feeding.

There were a few TBs entered into the sale. The first had a reserve that wasn't met. Bidding was up to $1350 - An attractive and very fit TB gelding with dressage training.
TB mare for $200.
Another TB gelding was listed in lieu of board payment, but did not show.
A grey TB gelding was listed but I am told was sold privately before the auction.
An uncatalogued VERY TALL TB gelding that had shown Trillium Hunter Hack sold for $7oo.

There were many nice ponies at this sale that sold well in the $1200-1500 range.
Crossbred horses were plentiful that included a Cleveland Bay cross. Crossbreds were the higher sellers of the day topping out at around $2300.

Overall a wide selection of horses and tack. A very well attended sale.
(note the above is only a partial summary)

OLEX Tuesday March 10th

Just under 50 horses were processed through the sale this past week. Good condition horses were averaging around 30cents a pound and as high as 37 cents a pound. Poor condition lightbreed horses sold for around 20 cents a pound.
A few nice horses under saddle went through the ring - an Arab gelding and a few QHs.
Sold for an average of $700.

There were only a couple of draft horses in good condition (weight wise) that sold for under 25cents a pound.

There were no known TBs at the sale. Standardbreds continue to be the most well represented breed. A few very nice looking Standardbreds, off the track with papers, went through. These appeared to be sound, quality horses.

There were three meat buyers in attendance and several new faces as well.


Great news!
Ft. Erie is looking for horses to run! May 2nd! Enter your horses now!
Accolades to the valiant efforts made by Darlene Pettipas and all the supporters including Perry Lefko from Down the Stretch!

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  1. It is great to see the American Humane Society caring.....Unfortunately our Canadian Humane Society fails to take action on MANY abuse situations. Myself I have reported 3 horses suffering from serious neglect. That was on July 19th 2010 and the animals are STILL in the same situation in a different location. The location they are in now the 'lady' had 3 horses removed from previously, owing to neglect. One had to be destroyed.
    I wish I lived in the USA...I am NOT proud to be a Canadian.